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Tried And Tested Fertilizers For All Time Healthy Plants

Tried and Tested Fertilizers  For All Time Healthy Plants

Tried And Tested Fertilizers For All Time Healthy Plants

Currently many people switch to organic fertilizers from chemical fertilizers because these are really useful in healthy growing of plants. Ultimate organic fertilizers for gardens should contain three most important primary nutrients-nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK), and other secondary micro and macro nutrients - iron, calcium, and sulfur required for plant growth. Added to the soil, fertilizers provide plant those nutrients that are naturally lacking or that have been removed by harvesting or grazing, or by soil erosion.

The use of manure and dung as fertilizers in planting or farming is doubtless as old as agriculture. Alternatively, modern fertilizers enhance the natural fertility of the soil or replace the chemical elements taken from the soil by previous planting. Although there are many different types of fertilizers such as mixed fertilizers, chemical fertilizers, and organic fertilizers to count as few, they all are trying to achieve one goal i.e. increased quality and quantity of plantation. The primary nutrients in organic fertilizers mixed in three proportions testified by N -P -K rating which determine the required quantity needed for better gardening.

If you consider organic garden fertilizers for gardening purposes, you would feel free and relaxed by knowing that the fresh vegetables and fruits which you have planted are healthy to eat as their soil was not treated synthetically. Organic garden fertilizers are healthy because they keep the surrounding environment healthy and clean as well. It enriches the soil with the nutrients it requires - nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus and also supplies nutrients in sufficient values to the plants as well.

Benefits of Organic Fertilizers:

This fertilizers avoid the use of chemicals which not only leave your fruits and vegetables tasting better, but also help the environment. Many individuals prefer healthy living and are trying to curtail on foods that contain chemicals. Their fertilizers will prove for your lawn as they help in improving the fertility of the soil. Their products do not contain animal droppings and are friendly in spreading as they have low odor.

Organic fertilizer doesn't release nutrients as quickly as some synthetic fertilizers, which helps prevent over-fertilization of plants, flowers or vegetables. Organic fertilizers have a tendency to separate nutrients more slowly, offering plants a stable flow of natural nutrients that enhance their development.