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Several Things Go Into Making An Effective Fertigation

Several things go into making an effective fertigation

Several Things Go Into Making An Effective Fertigation

If you are really concerned about the crop nutrition, you must concentrate on selecting the best Agro Fertilizers Suppliers India. However, while dealing with them you must check that they understand your crop requirement.

Fertigation is the procedure of fertilizer application in which the fertilizer is integrated within the water used in irrigation by the use of a right drip system. This relatively new technique is being more and more commonly used in the recent years.

Irrigation system design for fertigation

Useful fertigation needs proper management and knowledge. In fertigation, fertilizing is considered as an integral part of the irrigation system, and hence, the irrigation system has to be appropriately designed. You must make some considerations for a good design.

  • Irrigation flow rate must associate to the injector discharge. For instance, if the irrigation flow rate is quite high, it will not be possible to inject the full amount of the required fertilizer.

  • Installing one-way valves in appropriate places in the system prevents the backflow of fertilizers to the fertilizer pumps.

  • Water meters installation is extremely important.

In recent times, most of the suppliers are recommending the use of water-soluble fertilizers. The fertilizers have improved a lot in quality compared to the other prevalent options in the market. Currently, Water Soluble fertilizers in India are well-known just because of their staggering quality.

Importance of the fertilizers’ solubility in fertigation

Not all the fertilizers are usable in fertigation and just the water-soluble fertilizers are suitable.

However, while using water-soluble fertilizers you

  • Must note that they differ as regards their solubility under the same conditions

  • Must note is that the solubility of each and every fertilizer may change under various pH and temperatures.

Mixing various fertilizers in the same stock tank may also affect their solubility. A more decisive statement is that some fertilizers cannot be mixed together because of the interactions. It results in insoluble salts that clog the irrigation system and also decrease the efficiency of fertigation.

The costs associated with the drip irrigation system

The preliminary investment in the drip irrigation system mostly depends upon the spacing of crops. The system, however, is also not expensive at all.