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Some Key Facts On Water Soluble Fertilizers

Some key facts on Water Soluble Fertilizers

Some Key Facts On Water Soluble Fertilizers

As Agriculture became commercialized, definite consequences were inevitable. The unfavorable effects of the arbitrary use of water and fertilizers for irrigation have made the once productive soils saline and sodden. Thus, micro-irrigation methods for distributing the water-soluble creation of nutrients are increasingly substituting the usual techniques of irrigation.

Water Soluble Fertilizers are being used in Micro irrigation methods

Another name for these water-soluble creations is Water Soluble Fertilizers. The Water Soluble fertilizers in India are dissolvable in water. They are able to be put in or filtered from the soil without difficulty. Micro-irrigation methods consist of micro sprinklers, drip irrigation equipment, and sprays, to name a few.

Some advantages of the use of Water Soluble Fertilizers

By the use of WSFs, it has become a great deal easier to direct the precise quantity of nutrients offered to plants. This has greatly reduced the danger of excessive and inadequate supply of nutrients. The effects are:

  • Lesser costs resulting from optimal usage of fertilizers

  • Lesser cost of labor resulting from the lesser need for energy and manpower for irrigation.

Furthermore, such fertilizers feature a greater absorption rate when weighed against customary fertilizers. They also feature significantly lesser degrees of residue that could be the cause of contamination.

Why are Water Soluble Fertilizers being used more and more?

The key factors behind the demand for such items include

  • An inclination for micro-irrigation methods

  • The support of the government as subsidies for the promotion of eco-friendly fertilization

  • More greenhouses

  • The efficiency of Water Soluble Fertilizers

The makeup of Water Soluble Fertilizers

Water Soluble Fertilizers in Maharashtra are offered in

  • Double as well as multi-nutrient combinations

  • With or sans secondary or micronutrients

They consist of macronutrients, namely, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash. Several Micronutrients that include Calcium, Sulphur, Magnesium, Molybdenum, and Copper also exist in WSFs in diverse compositions. The precise composition of the water-soluble fertilizers benefits the farmers greatly. It lets the farmers pick, with a great degree of accuracy, the quantity of every nutrient that they fancy adding to their crops.

The use of foliar spray for applying Specialty Fertilisers

Besides fertigation, such items are being applied by the use of the foliar spray. Another name for WSFs is Specialty Fertilisers. They’re being mainly made use of in horticultural crops that include fruits, veggies, and flowers. They are also being made use of in plantation crops, which are fast surfacing as a vital crop segment.