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Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

Eltee Fertilizers is prominent name in the industry for its excellent quality fertilizers. We are leading Calcium Ammonium Nitrate manufacturers, wholesale suppliers from India. This is a conventional form of fertilizer which is employed in order to alter the structure of the soil. When this gets dissolved in water, it dissociates into calcium, nitrogen and ammonia. These ingredients are very much essential in enhancing the productivity of the soil. Moreover, nitrogen and calcium also provides significant nourishment to the plants.

Being noteworthy manufacturers, we are equipped with state of the art production facility. Here, our competent team manufactures our product using premium grade ingredients. We do through testing and research in order to make industry friendly fertilizers. As reputed Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizers  wholesale suppliers, we ensure that you will get our product in stipulated time frame.
Total nitrogen(N) content  Percentage by weight , Maximum
Nitrate nitrogen(N) content Percentage, Maximum
Calcium(Ca) content Percentage, Maximum
pH (1:250 dilution)
Water insoluble content Percentage, Minimum
Moisture content (H2O) Percentage, Minimum
Granularity (1.00mm-4.75mm) Percentage, Maximum

Chemical formula: 5Ca(NO3)2•NH4NO3•10H2O

Molecular weight : 164.088 g/mol


Calcium nitrate is characterized by extreme concentration of the base material Ca(No3)2 - 98%, and minor water content only 1-2% against 15% and 30% from other producers. The content of Ca in our fertilizer is 24% that exceed our foreign analogues on 5%, their calcium nitrate contains only 19% of Ca. So, each tonne of our calcium nitrate contains 50kg of calcium more than analogs. It is the only one fertilizer of nitrogen group that can improve soil structure and is the only source of calcium available to plants. Calcium nitrate also improves the penetration of water and oxygen into the soil. Calcium nitrate does not cause corrosion of steel in concretes. It compares favorably with calcium chloride. It allows you to use calcium nitrate as antifreeze concrete additive for fast reaching of "extra strength" until frost Characteristics: Calcium nitrate under normal conditions is incombustible, flame-proof and explosive-proof, stable under the range temperature -60ºC to +155ºC.


Properties :

Melting point 561 °C
Density 2.5 g/cm³
Soluble in Water

Packing & Storage :

Plastic-woven sack, net weight at a ventilated, dry place.It should be stored in closed containers in shady and dry storerooms. The packaging must be sealed and moisture proof. Avoid rain and exposure to hot sun during transportation.

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