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Humic Acid Granule

Humic Acid Granule

We are reckoned in the market as acclaimed Humic Acid Granule manufacturers, wholesale suppliers from India. It helps in providing nitrogen in adequate amount to the plants, thus improving their growth. Moreover, on addition in the soil, it helps in the release of the locked phosphorous thus enhancing the fertility of the soil. This is a special kind of fertilizer that changes the structure of the soil, making it more productive. Our product is manufactured at our factory using state of the art machinery and premium grade quality. Moreover, at our testing facility thorough assessment of this takes place to ensure that clients get highly optimized product. Being noteworthy Humic Acid Granule wholesale suppliers, we ensure the time dispatch and delivery of your consignment. Banking on our available stock, we are capable of entertaining bulk requirements of our esteemed clients.
pH (2% Soln. at 25 ºC)
4.0 - 5.0
Loss on drying (at 105 ºC)
NMT - 15.0%
Organic Matter (DWB)
NLT - 75.0%
Humic Acid (DWB)
NLT - 70.0%
Potassium humate (dry)
98% NMT
Humic acid 
70% NLT
10% NMT


The product can used into all kinds of foliar fertilizer, special purpose fertilizer and drought resisting fertilizer.Potassiumhumate is strongly recommended used with Urea MAP DAP and MKP.Potassiumhumate could largely stabilize nitrogen and release lock up phosphorus in soil and increase soil water holding capacity,also will help to create optimal structure of soil for plants to absorb micro elements and other nutrients,block the heavy metals absorbed by plants thus stopped transfer to human.


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