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Humic Acid Powder

Humic Acid Powder

Eltee Fertilizers has gained huge popularity in the market for its brilliant quality fertilizers. We are counted as noteworthy Humic Acid Powder manufacturers, wholesale suppliers from India. This is widely used to improve the water retaining ability of the soil. The addition of this helps in providing nitrogen to the plants. Moreover, it also enhances the percentage of phosphorous in the soil, thus improving its power to retain moisture. It protects the soil from drought.

We manufacture our product at our factory using brilliant quality raw materials. Our competent professionals use ingredients in the proper ratio thus making our product at par in excellence to international standards. As renowned Humic Acid Powder wholesale suppliers, we ensure that you will get your order placed in due time.
pH (2% Soln. at 25 ºC)
4.0 - 5.0
Loss on drying (at 105 ºC)
NMT - 15.0%
Organic Matter (DWB)
NLT - 75.0%
Humic Acid (DWB)
NLT - 70.0%
Potassium humate (dry)
98% NMT
Humic acid 
70% NLT
10% NMT


The product can use into all kinds of foliar fertilizer, special purpose fertilizer and drought resisting fertilizer.Potassium humate is strongly recommended used with Urea MAP DAP and MKP.Potassium humate could largely stabilize nitrogen and release lock up phosphorus in soil and increase soil water holding capacity,also will help to create optimal structure of soil for plants to absorb micro elements and other nutrients,block the heavy metals absorbed by plants thus stopped transfer to human.


Packing & Storage:

Plastic-woven sack, net weight at a ventilated, dry place.

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