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Mono Ammonium Phosphate N:P:K 12:61:00

Mono Ammonium Phosphate N:P:K 12:61:00

We are proud to introduce ourselves as noteworthy mono ammonium phosphate manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, importers from India. This is a conventional form of fertilizer which is employed in order to improve the fertility of the soil. The main constituents of this product are NH4+ and H2PO4. These constituents are helps in retaining the fertility of the soil thus improving its productivity.

Our products are processed at our manufacturing facility. We use finest quality ingredients in order to develop product of premium quality. Moreover, our quality maintenance cell thoroughly tests our product during the production phase in order to maintain international quality standards. As acclaimed Mono Ammonium Phosphate (N:P:K 12:61:00) wholesale suppliers and manufacturers, we ensure timely delivery of your consignment.
Moisture percent by weight maximum
Ammonical Nitrogen percent by weight minimum
Water Soluble Phosphate P2O5 percent by weight minimum
Sodium as NACL on dry basis percent by weight maximum
Matter insoluble in water percent by weight maximum
White Crystal

Chemical formula: NH4H2PO4

Molecular weight:115.0 g/mol

Agricultural Use :

MAP has been an important granular fertilizer for many years. It is water soluble and dissolves rapidly in soil if adequate moisture is present. Upon dissolution, the two basic components of the fertilizer separate again to release NH4 + and H2PO4 - . Both of these nutrients are important to sustain healthy plant growth. The pH of the solution surrounding the granule is moderately acidic, making MAP an especially desirable fertilizer in neutral and high pH soils. Agronomic studies show that there is no significant difference in P nutrition from various commercial P fertilizers under most conditions. Granular MAP is applied in concentrated bands beneath the soil surface in proximity of growing roots or in surface bands. It is also commonly applied by spreading across the field and mixing into the surface soil with tillage. In powdered form, it is an important component of suspension fertilizers. When MAP is made with especially pure H3PO4, it readily dissolves into a clear solution that can be used as a foliar spray or added to irrigation water. The P2O5 equivalent content of high-purity MAP is usually 61%


Properties :

White granular crystal,relative density at 1.803, melting point at 1900C, easily soluble in water,slightly soluble in alcohol,insoluble in ketone,PH value of 1% solution is 4.5.

Packing & Storage :

Plastic-woven sack,net weight at 25kg. Store at a ventilated, dry place.

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