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Potassium Nitrate N:P:K 13:00:45

Potassium Nitrate N:P:K 13:00:45

Eltee Fertilizers has established itself in the international market as noteworthy Potassium Nitrate manufacturers, wholesale suppliers from India. It is a chloride-free source of nitrate-nitrogen and is rich in potassium nutrients. Adding this up in the fertility helps in enhancing its productivity. Moreover, potassium is a very essential ingredient which helps in catalyzing the growth of the plant. It is also added up in the soil to retain its fertility.

Being potential Potassium Nitrate N:P:K 13:00:45 wholesale suppliers, and manufacturers, we are capable of furnishing the bulk requirements of the clients and that too in the stipulated time frame. We are committed to offer the best quality from to our esteemed clients. To keep our words, our competent team manufactures our product using graded raw materials. We also perform thorough testing in order to offer international quality standards in our product. The interested clients are requested to send us enquiry to get our products.
Moisture percent by weight maximum
Nitrate Nitrogen, percent by weight minimum
Water Soluble Potash content (K2O) percent by weight minimum
Sodium as NACL on dry basis percent by weight maximum
Total Chloride as CI on dry basis percent by weight,maximum
Matter insoluble in water percent by weight,Maximum

Molecular weight: 101.1032 g/mol

Properties: Relative density at 2.11,melting point at 3340C, Boiling point: 400 °C, soluble in Water, Glycerol, Ammonia.


In agriculture, potassium nitrate is used as a water-soluble and virtually chloride-free source of nitrate-nitrogen and potassium nutrients. Due to the product‘s specific characteristics and benefits, target markets are related to high-value crops such as vegetables, fruits and flowers. Furthermore, chloride-sensitive crops, such as potato, strawberry, beans, cabbage, lettuce, peanut, carrot, onion, blackberry tobacco, apricot, grapefruit and avocado, will depend for their quality on the use of chloride-free K sources, such as potassium nitrate.


Packing & Storage :

Plastic-woven sack,net weight at 25kg. Store at a ventilated, dry place.

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