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Urea Phosphate N:P:K 17:44:00

Urea Phosphate N:P:K 17:44:00

If you are looking for Urea Phosphate manufacturers to get excellent quality product, then Eltee Fertilizers is perfect destination for all your requirements. Being a prominent manufacturer, we understand the requirements of the agro industry. To meet the requirements of the industry, we manufacture our product with proper proportion of ingredients. The use of this helps in improving the fertility of the soil, thus enhancing its productivity.

Additionally, all the processing and manufacturing of our product takes place at our research laboratory. This helps in making our product of premium quality. We have also setup a testing facility in which our furnished products are tested on various scales. As noted Urea Phosphate (N:P:K 17:44:00) wholesale suppliers, we ensure timely delivery of your consignment.
Moisture percent by weight maximum
Total nitrogen percentage weight,minimum
Water Soluble Phosphate (as P2O5) percentage by weight minimum
Matter insoluble in water percentage by weight maximum

Chemical formula: CO(NH₂)₂•H₃PO₄

Molecular weight: 158.05 g/mol


The main function of urea fertilizer is to provide the plants with nitrogen to promote green leafy growth. It can make the plants look lush, and it’s necessary for the photosynthesis of plants. Urea fertilizer can provide only nitrogen, no phosphorus or potassium, so it’s primarily used for bloom growth and vertical height may not be desired.


  • Highest nitrogen content. This percentage is much higher than other available nitrogenous fertilizers in the market.
  • The cost of production of urea is relatively low.
  • Not subject to fire or explosion hazards, so there is no risk in the storage of urea.
  • Wide application. Urea fertilizer can be used for all types of crops and soils and has no harm the soil.


Properties :

White crystal, easily soluble in water, but not in organic solution, melting point at 117.30C,it’s water solution is strongly acidic, PH value of 1% solution is ⁵.89,less stability and liable to reaction when heated.

Packing & Storage :

Plastic-woven sack, net weight at at a ventilated, dry place.  

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